Every year companies intensify their occupational and recreational activities, both for their employees as well as their clients.  For this reason, Espacio Riesco offers a wide range of options for each one of their requirements: parties, anniversaries, workshops, fairs, business round tables, trainings, and launches, among others.

It is indispensable for these types of events to offer not only the required infrastructure, but also, a comprehensive, quality service.  Espacio Riesco offers the best infrastructure for all types of installations and formats, with a top level food service which can serve more than 8000 people at their table.

Furthermore, it possesses adequate, quality technology so that the highest quality service can be assured in the organization of the event.  There are 2500 parking places with no additional cost, and the complex is strategically located, thus allowing Santiago’s principal business and commercial entities to hold their activities in the Espacio Riesco Convention Complex (Center).